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Grounded (and I'm not referring to the storyline) 1

Much like the interminable For Tomorrow storyline, DC stunt-casts with J. Michael Straczynski as the new writer of Superman to take what already feels like a departure from standard Superman story telling to allow an "auteur" writer to do whatever the hell he wants.  Is this necessarily a bad thing?  No, but JMS is already proving that bringing an big name in to "revitalize" one of the classic characters often results in the same old thing.  Attempting to "bring Superman back to his roots" (for ...

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Superman 701 1

I was trying to think of something witty for the title of this review, but I couldn't really come up with anything, and I suppose that has much to do with how I felt after reading this issue. JMS is a fantastic writer who has been commended on his ability to revitalise what could otherwise be thought of as stale. Whether you enjoy this approach to story-telling, I don't think there is a single comic reader out there who could say they don't love as least some of JMS' work.   Anyway, onto the act...

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"What am I doing here? What are YOU doing out there?" 0

J. Michael Straczynski can finally have a week where he won't be forever linked for drastically changing Wonder Woman's status quo. He's beginning the new arc of Superman, aptly titled "Grounded", and if there was any indication of his preview last month, this will be a very touching issue, that I think at least, this story will be remembered fondly for years to come. While Luthor's off finding the black rings, and Kara's set to deal with her Bizarro clone, Supes is just walking across America. ...

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Superman's In Good Hands 0

Plot & Action: J. Michael Straczynski delivers on what he promised as we get Superman beginning his walking trek across America to reconnect with people - in the comic and readers. There's nothing fancy about it as Superman helps from fixing a car to cleaning a closet to other every day activities. Simple premise but...Character Wise: It's a brilliant "re-introduction" to the Superman character. There are so many good examples of who Superman is. Whether it's how he handles the press, how he...

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Not Supreme Power 0

Superman is my favorite hero. I was a little nervous when I heard the man who wrote Supreme Power was going to start writing the series.  I love most of what Straczynki has written so nervousness aside I was looking forward to this issue.  Normally I would not be impressed by an issue that has so little action and has nothing extraordinary in it.  But this is a rare case where it works.  What he does here is remind us (and Superman) exactly why he is the greatest hero.   He does not just save th...

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Out for a walk.. 0

Well here we have it. The #1 issue to JMS's run on Superman.  My title eludes to the fact that that's exactly what Supes is doing.  He of the many superpowers is not relying on any of them and is walking and reconnecting with the people of the Earth.  This is a nice way to show Superman's human side.  He was so separated from them during the New Krypton storyline that this feels like a natural extension of what Supes would do.  It is also a part of his grieving process.  He has lost his people a...

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Superman.............are you okay there buddy? 0

The Story: !!LOOK!!, its a bird, no its a plane, no its,....its,...its, um, superman, just walking down the street? Something is different with Superman as we see him get more involved with life as Superman. Superman has grounded himself and has changed much more differently to where we wonder what's the cause of all this, is it another source, or has Superman finally lost his sense of being a Superhero.  The Good: - I love storylines like this, storylines that takes our most famous superhero an...

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Back to the Streets 0

I have a theory about Superman. My theory is that the reason why so many people are put off by Superman is that he is essentially, what is called in the literary world, a flat character. He must conform to the prescribed rules of his nature, and this can make it hard to relate him. At the end of the day no matter how much Red Kryptonite is involved Superman is always going to do everything he can to save the day. But, what does that mean "save the day". After a giant battle with some crazy space...

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Superman pulls a Forrest Gump 0

Other than the Superman 700 issue a while back, I haven't read a Superman comic in a while. When I heard about the Superman grounded arc, I was curious. In the last part of issue 700, Superman started his walk across the USA. Now in issue 701, Superman contiunes his walk. Pros: Its interesting to see how Superman just help average people from the smallest things, to the bigger things. And he's doing this while walking! He uses his powers a little in this issue, but overall he's walking. In a way...

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Superman #701: Grounded Part One 0

"Trust Me, I'm Sure." - Superman. Writer J. Michael Straczynski begins the highly anticipate story for Superman! After the events of War Of The Supermen, how will Superman continue his battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Straczynski is joined by artist Eddy Barrows on this amazing story called "Grounded." Superman decides to take a walk and focus on the 'little things' in this story line. Making enough time to help and protect the people of different cities.  The Good J. Michael...

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Not so Super.... 0

I’m a huge JMS fan and this is the first issue of his Superman run therefore I went in with the highest of expectations. Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed. Superman has decided to walk across America in some kind of attempt to “find himself” or “rediscover his place in the big scheme of things”, so you have him in full costume walking down the street of some small suburban neighbourhood with a crowd of reporters following him questioning him about what he’s doing and why isn’t he off sa...

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Elegant Simplicity 0

Superman 700 turned me into a fan of the Man of Steel, and I had very high hopes for JMS's run Superman. I didn't know how he could possibly singlehandedly follow up the wonder and majesty of 700. I was pleasantly surprised that he made good on his promise to return Superman from the cosmos in a way that didn't seem overly contrived. JMS goes right for the jugular and attacks that which critics of Superman harp so often on, his aloofness. Superman's humanity is one of his greatest traits and he ...

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Superman Baby 4

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. It was good to see Superman in more of a light setting. Instead of fighting villains with powers he is helping everyday ordinary people. He walks around and just helps people. It helps us see how he simply cares about people and wants to help them. Spoiler I guess. In one instance he didn't even save someone's life. He simply used his x-ray vision to tell the person what was wrong with their car. Stuff like this shows that Superman can help people with the small ...

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What does Truth, Justice and the American Way mean? 0

This review is one I should have done a long time ago. This is where Grounded started, where the budding story showed true potential before losing its way. For this I blame JMS not Chris Roberson. He was left with a terrible mess to sort out when JMS focused on a sequel to Superman: Earth One. Anyway, let’s get on with this review! Synopsis Superman begins his walk across America where he begins to combat the everyday problems average people face like the car not starting, drug dealers and suici...

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