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DC Comics proudly presents the 700th issue of SUPERMAN, a 56-page extravaganza full of tales celebrating the Man of Steel's past, present and future! First up is a story by the man who actually killed Superman, Dan Jurgens! Then, James Robinson brings his epic run on the title to a close with a touching story featuring art by Benard Chang that brings Superman back to Earth after his time on New Krypton. Finally, we preview the exciting new SUPERMAN ongoing creative team as J. Michael Straczynski and Eddy Barrows provide a story that sets the stage for an explosive, all-new direction for The Man of Steel! (Seriously! Wait till you read this!)



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3X the wrong or write way? 0

This is an 3XL sized issue.  3 creative teams, 3 stories and 3 points in Superman's life.  The Preview is HERE for reference. The first story wraps up the James Robinson era.  This story was really a filler to be honest.  But the art was really nice.  The 2nd story was my favorite.  The Dan Jurgens Golden age story.  This story features the dynamic duo of Bruce Wayne Batman and a young Dick Grayson Robin.  This story is great because it really shows the connection Superman has to both Dick and...

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don't rush 0

THE GOOD  This issue has three stories none are bad the best one has to be the one by J.M.S unless you like silver aged stories if you did your favorite would be the one by Dan Jurgens the art looked great throughout the issue even tough it had three diffrent artist.  THE BAD  None of the stories felt like they were connected and none were that great with the exceptions of the story J.M.S wrote the issue felt off because it went from the present to the past and then the future it might have been...

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Monumental Filler 0

Superman's 700th issue is a stock filler issue. It features three stories, and none of these are bad. They're solid enough stories, but they are also completely forgettable and really lacking in anything new or interesting.  The first story is a War of the Supermen epilogue from James Robinson and is basically a sappy story between Lois and Clark about how much they missed each other. The chemistry between them isn't very strong here, nor is this one of Lois Lane's stronger portrayals in general...

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