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  1. The Testing of Superman (Superman vs The Professor)
  2. Superman's Sweetheart (Superman vs Whitey Nelson / written by William Woolfolk)
  3. The Story Behind History (full text article)
  4. Three Supermen From Krypton (Superman vs Kizo, Mala, and U-Ban) - A tremendous quake rocks Metropolis, threatening to topple all the buildings. After Superman manages to save the city, he discovers that the shockwave was caused by a rocketship crash. Aboard were three Kryptonian criminals who were exiled to space for attempting to conquer Krypton. Now they are intent on conquering the Earth. But how can Superman stop not one, but three foes with powers equivalent to his own?


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Kneel before U-Ban!!!!!! 0

Superman's greatest challenge yet!  Before Krypton exploded, three members of the Council decided to use their scientific knowledge to try to conquer the planet. Defeated by Jor-El, they were sentenced to an eternity of suspended animation in outer space. Following the destruction of Krypton, a stray piece of the former planet frees the trio who then travel to Earth. On Earth, U-Ban and his two cohorts have superhuman powers - a world fresh for the conquering - and best of all, the son of Jor-El...

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