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Cover by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye.

  1. "The Prankster's Radio Program!" written by Bill Woolfolk, penciled and inked by Al Plastino. (Superman vs the Prankster, with Lois Lane) after a radio program featuring him is cut short to keep from portraying a criminal in a favorable light the prankster buys all the radio air time in the entire country.
  2. "Captain Tootsie Saves The Day" (Tootsie Roll add)
  3. "The Courtship of the Three Lois Lanes!" written by Bill Woolfolk, penciled by Wayne Boring, and inked by Stan Kaye. (Superman, Lois, Perry White) after a blond actress kisses Superman, Lois's roommate (introduced in this story) convinces her that superman would like her better as a blond. when he calls the new look ridiculous her roommate talks her into trying red hair.
  4. Sunshine Nelly (humor strip
  5. "How To Be a Sports Announcer" (Full-text article by Bill Stern.)
  6. Little Pete (humor strip)
  7. "Superman Returns to Krypton!" written by Bill Finger, penciled and inked by Al Plastino. (Superman, Lois, Perry, Jor-El, Lara, Ma and Pa Kent, Green Kryptonite) Superman's origin retold, the first use of Kryptonite in a comic book.
  8. Shorty (humor strip)

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By the end of the 40s Superman has gone off the rails 0

The story 'Superman Returns to Krypton' came out in the November/December issue of Superman in 1949.  It tells the story of how Superman encounters Swami Riva - a huckster fortune teller who somehow has the power to 'hex' Superman. The source of his power leads Superman to discover his own background.  The story has some good things about it. For one, it features the art of Al Plastino, who is probably the best artist to work on Superman in the Golden Age. When you think of Golden Age Super...

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