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  1. "LOIS LANE, QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS" (Superman, Lois Lane / written by William Woolfolk) Lois and Clark are doing a story about some jewels at the museum and the photographer asks her to model them for his pictures. a change comes over Lois when she puts on an Amazonian necklace, she abruptly leaves the museum, returning to the Daily Planet where she promptly quits then takes a cab to the airport and board a flight to Viniswala. partway thru the flight she takes a parachute and jumps from the plane over the uncharted jungle. she lands before 2 amazons who take her to their leader and when she sees the necklace she proclaims Lois their new queen. one amazon isn't happy about this and insists Lois complete 2 trials, fist walking a tightrope over a chasm of fire, then swimming upriver in rapids. fortunately, Superman has followed the plain and found Lois by this point, with the help of an amazon who was cast out for being weak. without showing himself he uses his super-breath to steady her on the tightrope and paddles his feet in the water downstream so hard the current reverse and takes Lois where she needs to go. after this Superman is found by the amazons and doesn't resist being taken to the queen but Lois doesn't recognize him and orders him bound. he escapes and the amazons turn on Lois saying she knew the man could do magic. Superman carries her off and finds that the necklace holds a receiver that puts Lois in a trance. he returns with the outcast, demonstrating his strength then throwing a fight with her so she will be made the new queen. back in Metropolis, Lois seems to have no memory of being queen.
  2. "THE MYSTERIOUS PLAN" (Captain Tootsie)
  3. "THE MAN OF STEEL'S SUPER MANHUNT" (Superman / written by William Woolfolk) a world-renowned hunter has grown bored with the hunt and decides to try being the prey so he hides a bomb in Metropolis and challenges Superman to find him before it goes off in 72 hours. he leads superman around the world and finally dies from radiation thinking he had won but superman had turned his watch ahead an hour and finds the bomb (which turns out to be harmless) before it goes off.
  4. SHORTY (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
  5. JERRY THE JITTERBUG (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
  6. "GREEN MAGIC" (full-text article by William Woolfolk)
  7. DAFFY & DOODLE (gag strip)
  8. "THE CITY THAT FORGOT SUPERMAN" (Superman vs Mr. Mxyzptlk / written by Alvin Schwartz) Mr. Mxyzptlk makes everyone forget superman, erasing all evidence of him and when he tries to show what he can do Mxyzprlk makes it look like accidents and tricks.
  9. LITTLE PETE (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

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