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  1. Tiny Trix, the Bantam Bandit (Superman vs Tiny Trix / written by William Woolfolk) Superman captures a midget gangster called Tiny Trix but he is set free when he claims to be just a kid and Lois (among others) believes him, turning public opinion against Superman and Clark, who beat her to the original story of Trix's capture.
  2. Lois Lane Loves Clark Kent (Superman, Lois, Perry White / written by William Woolfolk) after Lois is nearly hit by a truck Superman takes her to a doctor who tells her she is obsessed with superman and needs to transfer her love to a "normal man", suggesting a coworker. as a third choice, she picks Clark.
  3. Little Pete (humor strip)
  4. Shorty (humor strip)
  5. Casey The Cop (humor strip)
  6. Ride The Wind (text story)
  7. The Case of the Second Superman (Superman) after recounting the origin of superman we see the story of a human from earth sent to Uuz, an unknown planet past pluto with low gravity where the child grows to be a hero similar to superman.

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Lois Lane Loves Clark Kent 0

The story "Lois Lane Loves Clark Kent" pretty much defines the relationship Clark and Lois had in the 1940s.   Lois and Clark were two reporters who both worked for the Daily Star. Clark was, of course, secretly Superman. Lois, who often covered Superman stories, was in love with Superman; unaware and unsuspecting that he was secretly Clark. Clark, for his part, was interested in dating Lois, but could hardly be said to actually be in love with her and, because of his other identity as Superman,...

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