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This issue marked 10 years of Superman.

  1. AN OPEN LETTER TO SUPERMAN FANS (full-text story by "Lois Lane")
  2. "THE ORIGIN OF SUPERMAN" (Superman, Jor-El, Lara, Lex Luthor, John and Martha Kent / written by Bill Finger) baby Kal-El is rocketed to earth from the exploding planet Krypton. he is found and adopted by the elderly Kents and named Clark. when the Kents die, Clark sets out to become a reporter and protect the world as Superman.
  3. CAPTAIN TOOTSIE TRAPS THE CIRCUS CULPRIT (a comic strip ad for Tootsie Rolls / by C. C. Beck)
  4. "THE ORACLE OF METROPOLIS" (Superman / written by Alvin Schwartz) Superman and a repairman are swept back in time to ancient Greece. when the repairman takes over the Oracle of Delphi and promises miracles it's up to superman to make good on them so the people don't lose faith.
  5. SHORTY (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
  6. DAFFY & DOODLE (gag strip by Lit Win)
  7. "THE TINIEST THING IN THE WORLD" (full-text article by Joe Samachson)
  8. MR. GRUMBLE (gag strip by Phil Berube)
  9. "A JOB FOR SUPERHOMBRE" (Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White / written by Don Cameron)
  10. HOMER

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The Origin of Superman 0

It's hard to believe that Siegel and Shuster never actually wrote an origin story for Superman. The character was actually around for more than a decade before the first version of his origin story saw print. Much of what we know of Superman's origin was actually written by Batman co-creator Bill Finger.   It's been reprinted a lot of times, so you're no doubt familiar with the basics, but some of the finer points are interesting, including Finger's explanation for why Krypton expl...

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