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on the cover: superman tries to crank-start an old car as the old lady driver and a cop look on disapprovingly.

  1. "MR. MXYZTPLK GOES TO COLLAGE" (Superman vs Mr. Mxyztplk) Mxyztplk decides to join a college baseball team that hasn't won in years. with him, they go to the finals where he is the entire team. to even things up superman takes the place of the other team.
  2. "HIGH MAN ON A FLAGPOLE!" (Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White) A flagpole sitting contest is held for the love of a woman. Can Superman make sure the contest is fair? Reprinted in Superman #249.
  3. "BLIND RECKONING" (text story by Stan Carter)
  4. "THAT OLD CLASS OF SUPERBOY'S" (Superman, Superboy (flashback), Lois Lane: 1st Superboy story in Superman comic) Clark checks up on some of his old classmates and helps them achieve their dreams.

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