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“THE MXYZTPLK-SUSIE ALLIANCE!” Mr. Mxyztplk returns, and Superman must figure out how to send him back to his dimension!


1. "The Mxyztplk-Susie Alliance!" (Superman vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk and Susie Tompkins, with Lois Lane) written by Don Cameron, penciled and inked by Ira Yarbrough. Reprinted in Limited Collectors' Edition #38 & Superman in the Forties. "When impish Susie and super-impish Mr. Mxyzptlk form an alliance, it's a super-headache for Superman!

2. Pepsi the Pepsi -Cola Cop

3. "There is No Superman" (Prof. Whiffensniff believes that Superman is a hoax, with Lois and Perry White / written by Jerry Siegel) reprinted in Superman #246.

4. "Jasper" gag strip by Lit. Win.

5. "One in a Million" full text story by Ed Blaney.

6. "The Silken Mystery" (Lois Lane, Clark Kent) written by Whitney Ellsworth.

7. "A Modern Marco Polo" (Superman, Lois Perry, Kublai Khan) written by Don Cameron.


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Can we just say klptzyxm and make this issue disappear? 0

I always hated it when in the blink of an eye Superman - who in addition to having super speed, strength, and stamina also seems to have a complete knowledge and skill in every aspect of construction - would build an entire town or city as part of his solution to a problem - he did it here, he would do it again in Action Comics #107, and many other times before and since.  Here Superman deals Mxyztplk who is equally God-like, but more annoying; and Lois' niece ...

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