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Discover the origin of the new foes who have been making The Man of Steel's life so painful and chaotic lately. What are their ties to the current ACTION COMICS epic? Plus, Lois Lane uncovers a tragic secret from Superman's past!



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Superbad 0

Superman has been fighting aliens for the past three issues now. I've have grown tired of having the same thing happen over and over. However, issues for does what the past ones haven't.   THE GOOD: I really like Jesus Merino's artwork on this book. His lines are clearly established but there is also a sketchy feeling to it. He also adds a lot of the background that makes the book just fun to look at. The story is little in this issue. We have a couple of characters that are talking about what h...

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Super Aceeptable 0

The Good: The cover is actually pretty nice. We've got Superman right in the middle, and our view right behind the three major threats of this issue, seeing Superman being slowly smothered by the presence. Though I am annoyed that it spoils something from the end of the issue, and kept me thinking, "When's [X] going to happen?" all issue until it happened. I think Jesus Merion took some inspiration seeing Nicola Scott's superior art, because Merino's stuff is looking better than I remember. Supe...

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Could This Be Anymore Disappointing? 0

This has to be one of the most disappointing series to come from DC's new 52 initiative. Superman being one of my favorite characters and arguably the most popular comic character ever conceived, you expect his series to be great. Those expectations haven't been reached. Not only have they not been reached, they haven't even come remotely close to being reached. George Perez is just flat out ruining one of my favorite characters. He really makes me not want to read Superman. This isn't the 70's ...

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