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  1. Cover by Ed Hannigan and Murphy Anderson.
  2. "The Day they Nuked Superman!" written by Bob Rozakis and Joey Cavalieri, penciled by Irv Novick, inked by Dick Giordano, colored by Anthony Tollin and lettered by Ben Oda.


The story starts with Clark Kent and Lana Lang reading news at the WGBS TV. But suddenly, a man named Carl Draper appears. He is watching TV and fuming over the fact that Kent and Lana are so close together. Draper is secretly and blindly in love with Lana Lang, and he feels that Kent does not care for her as much as he does. So he plans to eliminate Kent's existence. But to do so, he knows he must kill Kent's dearest friend, Superman first.

So Carl Draper assumes his true identity as the Master Jailer and sneaks into a missile control base. He activates four missiles, knowing that Superman will come to save the day. This is true enough, for Superman appears on the scene a little while later.

Superman tries to send the missiles up into space where they won't harm the planet. Instead he finds that they are programmed to chase him. Superman leads them beyond the Earth's atmosphere, where he is hit by the missiles. He falls back to the ground, only to find himself glowing with Kryptonite radiation. He manages to get into his Fortress of Solitude, where he hears the voice of the Master Jailer, telling him that he is pleased to see him die.

Back in Metropolis, the Jailer searches for Clark Kent, and finds him in his own apartment. He fires at Kent without warning, only to be too astonished to find Superman posing as Kent. They get into a fight, where Superman cleverly tricks him by turning a steel can to dust and making the Jailer get fired by his Key's heat ray. The Jailer is imprisoned in his own suit, when Superman asks him if he wants to know how Superman wants to escape. The story ends with Jailer going to jail and Kent and Lana reading the news at WGBS TV. Lana asks Kent if he is really Superman, and Kent laughs it away.


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