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“THE BATTLE OF THE ATOMS!” Lex Luthor creates a machine that can make entire buildings melt! Plus, Superman visits Camelot in “THE BAD OLD KNIGHTS!”

  1. "The Battle of the Atoms" (Superman vs Lex Luthor, with Lois Lane, Perry White / written by Don Cameron) Clark and Lois drive into the countryside looking for the source of a 'terrific upheaval'. They discover massive trees bent over, boulders melted and steel structures twisted. Upon further investigation they come across some of Luthor's thugs. Learning that Superman is close to discovering his plot, Luthor launches an immediate attack on the Daily Planet with his latest weapon - a powerful Atomic Beam! Reprinted in Superman #243.
  2. "The Bad Old Knights" (Superman goes to Camelot in a dream / written by Bill Finger)
  3. Daffy and Doodle (gag strip by Lit Win)
  4. "Gun-Grabbing George" (full text story by Jack Miller)
  5. Jasper (gag strip by Lit Win)
  6. "The International Swindler" (Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Perry / written by Whitney Ellsworth)
  7. "The Man of Stone" (Superman vs Goon McGloon, with Lois, Perry / written by Don Cameron)

The main story The Battle of the Atoms was censored by the U.S. government. It wasn't released until after WWII concluded.


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OFF MY MIND: Did Lex Luthor invent the A-Bomb!?! 0

When reading Superman (or any comic) from the Golden Age, it's easy to dismiss the science in the stories as 'silly' and 'immature'. And in a lot of cases, that's probably a dead-on accurate assessment - but not always!  Take the story The Battle of the Atoms from Superman #38. It opens with Clark and Lois investigating a 'terrific disturbance' in the countryside. What they find is nothing short of shocking - trees bent, boulders melted and steel structures twisted. Superman soon...

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