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  1. Cover by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano.
  2. "Father Nature's Folly!" written by Cary Bates, penciled by Curt Swan, inked by Frank Chiaramonte, colored by Adrienne Roy and lettered by Ben Oda.
  3. "A Day in the Life of Bruce (Superman) Wayne" A "Bruce (Superman) Wayne" story written by Bob Rozakis, penciled by Deny Cowans, inked by Dick Giordano, colored by Anthony Tollin and lettered by Shelly Leferman.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "Old Gold".


Clark is about to pay a visit to a class, and give a lecture on journalism. The students are anxious to see Superman. Clark asks the teacher, his friend Margaret about the matter. Margaret replies that Superman had paid the class an unexpected visit a few months ago. Anyway, Kent is about to start an audio-visual presentation when there is a blackout due to a thunderstorm. The students start getting bored, when Clark tells them that being a close friend of Superman, he could narrate one of his latest adventures. The students are excited by the proposal.

Clark narrates that Superman was flying over Colorado’s Rocky Mountains during a thunderstorm. Suddenly he had spotted a most startling event. A lightning spark had transformed a cluster of pine trees into a forest of unearthly growths, right before his eyes. Superman came down to investigate, finding unknown chemical compounds, when suddenly he was greeted by an alien warrior. Introducing himself as Cron and having the ability to read Superman’s mind, he told Superman that he had come to reshape the planet in his own way. Superman became impatient and was about to attack Cron, when suddenly he found that the ambient atmospheric conditions around him had changed to potentially lethal conditions. He disposed of it in space, but coming back, he failed to locate Cron.

The next day, Superman was working in his office as Clark, when he made a sketch of a strange object, but did not remember ever seeing it before. He sped to his Fortress of Solitude, and programmed his dreams into the Supercomputer. The results showed that the object was a power source of unknown origin. Superman scourged the Earth’s surface in search of it and found it camouflaged as a tree. It was a massive 50 feet tall “power prong”. Superman was about to destroy it but his attacks were in vain.

He was suddenly targeted by a “Trosm Ray”, and fed the knowledge of the history of the origin of life on Earth. Superman somehow felt that the knowledge was given to him by “Mother Nature”. But suddenly Cron reappeared with his own Power Prong. He told Superman that “Mother Nature” was in reality known as “Nutra”, and was Cron’s ethereal mate. He shifted into his true shape and started burning down Nutra’s prong. Superman, fearing for Earth’s future sped away. When he was back, he had a Rigellian Plasmo-bomb in his hand, and threatened to detonate it, saying that was the only way he could ensure a swift and merciful death to his fellow Terrans. Cron realized that Superman was telling the truth and gave up.

Clark is just about to finish when a student interrupts, saying that Superman couldn’t possibly kill all human beings. Clark told her that Superman had taken the caution to remove a crucial filament from the bomb, before he had brought it to Cron.

Bonus Story:

This features Bruce Wayne as Superman !!

Bruce Wayne works in at the Book Cellar with Barbara Gordon, simultaneously leading his other life as Superman. One day he receives a message from James Gordon that terrorists have planted a bomb on an aircraft and are threatening to blow it up. The plane is carrying Nobel Prize winners and Superman's adopted parents Doctor Thomas and Martha Wayne. Superman gets into the plane, renders the bomb harmless and waits until the time comes for the terrorists to go through with their plan. Superman tells the pilot to dive at 2000 feet and follows the detonation signal back to its source. He finds the terrorists in a hangar and turns them over to the Gotham State Prison after a brief fight.


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