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  1. Cover by Dick Dillin and Neal Adams.
  2. "The only way You'll Save the Earth... Is over My Dead Body!" written by Martin Pasko, penciled by Curt Swan, inked by Dan Adkins and colored by Jerry Serpe.
  3. "DC Publishorial: "Remember the Five-Cent Phone Call?" text piece by Jenette Kahn.
  4. "DC Profiles #10 Trevor Von Eeden" text piece by Mike Gold.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman and Robin in "Birds of a Feather".
  • Lois Lane, Steve Lombard, Flash and Iris Allen flashback appearances only.
  • Letter to the editor from Peter Sanderson of Columbia University, New York, New York.

The story so far. An alien plague has been unleashed, at a journalist's convention, in Central City. Superman mistakenly believed that Nam-Ek, a mutated Kryptonian scientist, was the party responsible for the epidemic. After a pitched confrontation, Superman believed that Nam-Ek had been killed. In reality, Nam-Ek was teleported to an alien spacecraft, in Earth's orbit, under the command of Amalak, the true architect of the plague. After constructing a special infirmary for the plague victims, Superman and Supergirl discovered Amalak's spaceship. While Superman was again able to defeat Nam-Ek, encasing him in a jeweled coffin that blocked out the sun's power giving rays, Amalak bested Supergirl. Holding Supergirl at gunpoint, Amalak demands Superman return to Earth, though he allows Superman to keep Nam-Ek as his prisoner.

Accepting the fact that he cannot kill Superman, Amalak has engaged in a campaign to psychologically cripple the Man of Steel. Amalak's first weapon is guilt, the overwhelming guilt Superman will feel when people begin dying from a plague he cannot stop The second arm of Amalak's strategy is to place Superman in a situation where he absolutely has to break his code against killing, thus ending the Man of Steel's career. Having no further use for Supergirl, Amalak shoots her with his star-cannon, to no effect. Unbeknownst to Amalak, while Superman was on board the ship, he used his heat vision to fuse the barrel of the star-cannon shut. Supergirl takes this opportunity to break free of her bonds and beat Amalak into unconsciousness. Superman delivers the imprisoned body of Nam-Ek to the infirmary. Nam-Ek's mutation is the result of drinking a potion made from a Kryptonian animal's horn. Nam-Ek, himself, sprouted a Rondor horn when he mutated. The horn emits a universal healing radiation, which begins to cure the plague. Before Supergirl can completely tie Amalak down, the alien villain escapes. Reaching his weapon's console, Amalak activates an electro-surrogate of himself, a warrior composed entirely of animated electrically charged particles. Supergirl battles valiantly against Amalak's electro-surrogate, while Amalak finishes freeing himself from his bonds. Unbeknownst to the two adversaries, the trigger of Amalak's star-cannon jammed, and the weapon has been building up a massive charge of cosmic energy the entire time. It detonates, resulting in an explosion that destroys Amalak's starship.

Back at the journalist's convention, Clark Kent checks on Steve Lombard's nephew, Jamie and his dog Ralphie. When more people begin collapsing from the plague, Kent realizes that not only is the crisis far from over, but the source of the plague must be in the convention center. Needing a distraction to switch to his guise as Superman, Kent forces Jamie's dog to bite his hand. When the dog refuses to unclench it's jaws, Kent focuses his heat vision on the dog's tail. The dog leaps from Jamie's arms and runs off, with Kent's watch still gripped between it's teeth. Kent gives chase, but only long enough to switch to Superman. As Superman prepare to double back, to collect the new plague victims, he is attacked by Jevik, a winged alien. The two battle it out, in the skies above a ski resort. When Jevik momentarily gains the advantage over Superman, the alien flees to the convention center. Having noticed that Jevik emits a strange ticking sound, Superman is easily able to track him. Entering the convention center, Superman is surprised to find Supergirl waiting for him. Supergirl attacks the Man of Steel, then reveals herself as Jevik. Whirling Jevik around at super speed, dislodges Kent's watch from the alien. Now Superman sees the truth. The shape shifting alien Jevik, disguised as Jamie Lombard's dog, has been Amalak's plague carrier. As Superman prepares to destroy Jevik, to save humanity, Jamie Lombard enters the room. Seeing only that Superman is about to kill his dog, Jamie puts himself in between Jevik and the Man of Steel. Jamie declares that the only way Superman will save the Earth is over Jamie's dead body.


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