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Talk about a cold day for superman…I’m so sorry, I have nothing…

After a few battles against very different alien monsters yet all connected, we get to see the story of superman as we learn more about his previous adventures in the eyes of the public as this guy who I don’t know since he sucks since not only he will never be remembered by any of us for being a prink is trying to pull a J.J by asking if superman is either a “messiah or menace”. But we get to see that the daily planet has become a nice supporter of superman thanks to which is good and sent that idea away. Afterwards a giant snow storm freezes all of metropolis and is caused by none other than!......than!……..another random alien in the shape of a woman!!! My god…..this is so unexpected! If only there was a way to have seen this coming! But we do see that Heather, a co-worker who has the hots for is being used by the alien to create the ice hell.

With no other choice, he uses his heat vision to destroy the field that is covering her and ends up being the solution to turn everything back to normal but Heather is gone (with sups thinking she might be dead) and has joined the other people who are the previous aliens from the first two issues.

The Good:

This issue is has more information about superman as we learn how somewhat our hero became known to the public and telling us about events that will occur next month on action comics (kinda spoiling) and also they showed us previous battles showing more of what he has done during his time (but not so much mind you, probably because action comics is taking care of that) this issue’s battle was simple and clean, is again another stand alone villain but sups quickly disposes of the trouble even if it was kinda quick, it was dangerous enough to freeze everyone and the entire city itself.

The Bad:

This issue’s battle felt like filler since the fight itself didn't give much awesomeness like previous issues and the story itself is just average.It's also kinda getting repetitive because the unknown threats which kinda reminds me of the "monster of the week" trope. I hope everything pays off and all of this ends up being a set up by a big superman villain (is brainac responsible for this? By making people distrust superman will weaken his morale and probably get him tire--. Oh wait, he kinda recovers much faster than a normal human so throwing a gauntlet of enemies to weaken him is not going to work like that).

Overall: 3.5/5

An average issue since it kinda is getting a little repetitive. But I hope things will pick up because this is not a bad series so I say pick it up if you haven’t, it’s a nice jumping point.

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