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Elliot Maggin Took Superman to New Heights

Once again, writer Elliot S! Maggin turns in a Superman story that is fun, sentimental and intellectually stimulating. While many Superman stories (especially Superboy stories) explored the question, 'what would happen if someone discovered Superman's secret identity?' with an eye toward how said person could use that knowledge against him. This story involves someone who knows Superman's secret identity, but acts against Superman's interests not out of malice, but in a misguided attempt to help protect that secret.

At one point, one of the characters ponders, "...we must be very careful about what we pretend to be... because someday we may wake up to find that's what we are!" Indeed, it is these kind of serious philosophical questions and outside the box thinking that makes the Maggin Superman era, the definitive one in so many people's minds.

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