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Should have been named Lex Luthor

Note: This review will contain spoilers, but it's nothing big concerning the series overall, at least as far as I know.

So this whole villains month seems to be another gimmick to attract new readers, so who's better than a new reader to check these issues out? I like a nice gimmick and I'm a little hyped up because I like Bizarro, so let's see how this issue fairs from my perspective.

The Good:

Okay on the positive side I really like Lex in this issue, he really feels like the scheming villain I love to read and his plans aren't insanely convoluted or stupid like some evil plans can be. He has the ego, the style, and strategic ability I expect from the character. Lex also narrates the issue and I love it, his ego and bias shine through every caption and it's perfect. The art for this issue is pretty nice as well, it didn't quite blow me away but I still enjoyed it.

The Bad:

So as my title of this review hints this issue despite being billed as "Bizarro" doesn't really feel like a Bizarro story. It's far more of a Lex Luthor story than a Bizarro one and that erks me a bit. It really gets on my nerves given that the character shown on the cover is not even in the book. It's actually about more of a prototype-Bizarro if anything. I suppose this is meant to hint at future Bizarro appearance, but I still have a bad taste in mouth from the pointless false advertising.


I've decided that I did in fact like this issue. Despite my problems with the lack of the actual "star" it's still a nice little Lex Luthor story that I feel really gets the character down. It's a short and sweet little ball of foreshadowing for some hopefully enjoyable Bizarro stories. So if you're a Lex fan or a someone already into this series check this one out, but if you're in need of a Bizarro fix then I suggest looking somewhere else.

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