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What has made this story arc so fascinating throughout has been its reliance not on so much action, but rather more deeply philosophical concepts and Superman's fallibility despite his impressive array of powers.  The action here focuses around Superman's conflict with Equus and the moment at the beginning in reference to "faster than a speeding bullet" is handled masterfully.  The later standoff against Equus is also quite well done, with a great one liner:

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Again though it is really the dialogue between Superman and the Father that makes this such a compelling read.  Reading along the reader at times almost intuitively copies Superman's responses to the Father (bewilderment at comparing evil to genius) as the philosophical discussion proceeds.  If anything though the issue ends on a bit of a more traditional comic ending, which almost seemed to take away from the overall ambience.  Still this story arc has it all thus far and this issue is no exception.

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