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The story opens with images of Lana Lang flashing on all of Lexcorp’s computer screens. The supervisors tell Luthor that the woman has been seen almost every time that Superman has appeared to save the city. Lex Luthor thinks that she might be a lover or a relative of Superman, and keeps a picture of her with him for future reference. Luthor then politely orders Amanda McCoy, her computer scientist, to be his partner for that night’s dinner.

Luthor then goes to another chamber, where he has kept the captured Metallo. Dr. Happersen explains that they cannot extract the Kryptonite chunk from his innards because it is his source of power. Metallo defies the neuro-neutralizers to be able to talk. He tells Luthor that he is making a mistake by capturing Metallo, because though rich and influential, he does not have the power to defeat Superman. Luthor doesn’t proceed with the argument and rips off the kryptonite from Metallo’s body. He then hands it over to Happersen for analysis.

Meanwhile, back in Smallville, two of Luthor’s men go over to the farmhouse and knock out Joseph and Martha with a tranquilizer gun. They ransack the house, find a scrapbook full of Superman clippings and take it. They knock into Lana Lang on their way out. Concerned about endangering their mission, they shoot her too and take her along with the Kents.

Elsewhere, Luthor is having dinner with Amanda. Amanda is displeased, but is way too much afraid to disclose her feelings. Luthor receives a call from his tower and goes away. Back in the tower, he sees the captured Lana Lang and immediately recognizes her from the pictures taken earlier. The doctor comes and explains that any attempt to make her speak the truth with drugs could prove fatal for her, because she is allergic to drugs.

The next day, Superman is flying over Metropolis, when he spots an aerial camera following him. He tries various ways to out fly the camera but fails, understanding that it is built with advanced technology. He borrows some balloons and throws them in front of the device, thus confusing it momentarily. He grabs it from behind, but it explodes with a blinding flash. Superman comes back to his apartment as Clark Kent, and is shocked to find Lana Lang inside. Lana is bruised and bleeding, emaciated and in rags. Lana begs of him to help hide her from Luthor. She then tells him how she endured Luthor’s cruel tortures and yet kept Superman’s identity a secret. Clark is thankful and tends to her.

Luthor tells Amanda that he let Lana Lang escape because she would find her way to Clark ’s apartment. Clark would definitely tell his friend Superman to look into the matter. So Luthor has set a trap for Superman inside a factory complex.

Superman bursts into the factory, but it explodes. Minutes later, he comes to Luthor, blaming him for the events. Luthor is wearing a ring with a piece of Kryptonite in it. It makes Superman stagger. Luthor tells him how he hates him and asks him to go away. Superman flies back with Lana, and is surprised to find Ma and Pa Kent home. They inform him of the recent events.

Luthor’s computers come up with a solution, “Clark is Superman”. Luthor is disappointed with the results and doesn’t believe them. He fires Amanda and says that he has other plans for Superman.


  • First appearance of Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Ring.
  • "Special thanks to Keith Williams for background inks."
  • "Meanwhile" one page text piece by Dick Giordano featuring "Superman's Other Creators".

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