Superman #19

    Superman » Superman #19 - Case of the Funny Paper Crimes released by DC Comics on November 1942.

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    Superman must battle a new villain who has invented a machine that can materialize two-dimensional figures out of the comics to rob for him.

    This issue features 'imaginary' Superman stories - stories that either do not actually happen in Superman continuity, or somehow break 4th wall.

    1. Case of the Funny Paper Crimes - Clark and Lois love reading the adventures of their favorite heroes in the Daily Planet's funny pages. But suddenly reports start pouring into the Planet's office of crimes being committed all over Metropolis by giant characters right out of the daily funnies! Is this some kind of hoax? Whatever the case, it's a job for Superman!
    2. Superman's Amazing Adventure (originally untitled - title was added when reprinted in Superman Archives) After Lois and Clark's expose is published, racketeer Skeet Monahan attacks them. Clark is able to save them, but Lois discovers his secret identity. If that's not bad enough, the two are then transported to another dimension.
    3. The Canine and the Crooks (Superman vs Mr. Z, with Lois, Perry, and Jimmy Olsen)
    4. Just Like Junior (gag strip)
    5. Grandstand Coach (full text story)
    6. Superman, Matinee Idol - Clark and Lois go to the movies and see a Superman cartoon. Clark has to think quick to prevent Lois from seeing him change into Superman on screen, revealing his secret identity.


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    Not yet issue 20 and already the writers are struggling 0

    Superman has only been around a few years, but he's already a multimedia star. In addition to his appearances in other media, he carries two comics, Action Comics and this one bearing his name. The problem is, when you have a character appearing in print every day as well as in other media weekly, it's hard to come up with villains and stories to challenge your hero - especially if he's a walking, talking, flying god-on-earth.  And that brings us to this issue - where Superman has to take on...

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