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Godzilla is attacking Metallo and Toyman

What I enjoyed about Jeph Loeb's run on Superman was the playful approach he tool with the character.  There are the stand "Inspiration" idea that floats around is still there and that sets up this issue as a holiday season of Inspiration. The Premise is that Superman is given E-Mails requesting something from him on Christmas.
As Superman "Inspires", both Metallo and the knew Toyman fight.  While the fight Superman goes back and forth between the fight and his chores.  This is where we will loose some readers.  I understand some comic readers hate Superman because he is too powerful.  I believe that that is the shallow reading in a lot of people who still see comics as "funny books". Comics can be as effective as a read book and they sure teach kids to read better then a novel ever will.  This is why I enjoyed Jeph Loeb's run, being a father I think he wanted his run to be accessible to everyone, not just the target teen to adult market comics have developed into.  So why not better then to have Two Robotic villains fight it out like rock'em sock'em robots?  That is a win for me.
Note the cover, every Anime. Love it!  Ed McGuinness nailed the Made in Japan feel.  The Toy Supermen were a great touch in this comic, I felt it was a symbolic return to our childhood.  This is what makes Superman great, Superman is that magic we believed in when we were kids: Man who could fly and save the day.
I really enjoyed this issue.  It was collected in DC Comics Presents: Superman #3 and would consider recommending it for anyone who wants fun Superman stories.
Happy Holidays, Merry Chirstman, Jolly Jesus Day...etc
- Silkcuts

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