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Superman #171 review 0

This is from a pile of comics my uncle had when he was growing up.  The stories are amusing and also taken with a grain of salt.  These were the adventures of the Pre Crisis Superman where he was strong enough to shatter moons, and push planets.  They were also campier with Superman knowing which plant was needed to heal Lana instead of the more realistic issues put out in recent years.  Still a great read for fans who want to have a feel for how comics were in more innocent times....

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Elsewhere 0

A strange issue, which is probably most noteworthy for its cover. The best story of three contained within is the middle one, as Superman has to deal with a strange curse before he can figure out the way to cancel it. The first story is mostly a stretch, but the worst is probably the third in which Superman becomes stranded on a faraway planet where he is bullied by cavemen. This story is nonsensical and not really worth reading. The issue as a whole doesn't age well and probably those in s...

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