Superman #159

    Superman » Superman #159 - Lois Lane, the Super-Maid of Krypton! released by DC Comics on February 1963.

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    1. Cover by Curt Swan and George Klein.
    2. "Lois Lane, the Super-Maid of Krypton!" written by Edmond Hamilton, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein.
    3. "Super-Turtle" gag-Strip by Henry Boltinoff.

    Chapter 1: "Lois Lane's Flight from Earth!"

    When the Sun of earth explodes destroying it, Lois Lane is sent to Krypton in a capsule, and given powers by a Power-ray his father invented, she is adopted by the zoo-keeper Khal kan and his wife Maural, and given the name Kandi Kan.

    Lois grows up in Kryptonville with her friends Kal-El, Len Landor and Krypto but when there is trouble she becomes Super-maid.

    Chapter 2: "The Female Luthor from Krypton!"

    After the death of her adoptive parents Lois decides to move to Kryptonopolis, where she becomes a nurse and Kal-El becomes a doctor, When Brainiac ship tries to Miniaturize Kandor, Super-maid stops him, and he ends in the phantom zone.

    However Lu-Thoria tries to take over Brainiac Ship and with it's advanced weaponry, she plans to conquer Krypton, Super-maid stops her, but not before she discovers all of Brainiac' s secrets and escapes.

    Chapter 3: "The Doom of Super-Maid!"

    Lu-Thoria escapes to an asteroid to collect Earthite the only substance that can destroy Super-maid, Kal-El follows, but Super-maid arrives in time to stop her covered in silver to shield her from the earthite, once captured It turns out that Lu-Thoria is not evil, she was affected by an unknown radiation transforming her from noble scientist to sinister renegade.



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