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    1. "The Super-Revenge of the Phantom Zone Prisoner!"

    Superman releases Quex-Ul from the Phantom Zone after his 25 year sentence is complete, upon release Quex-Ul plans to destroy Superman with Gold Kryptonite as revenge for his imprisonment, will he succeed??. Reprinted in Superman #227 & Superman: Tales from the Phantom Zone.

    2. "The Super-Genie of Metropolis"

    Professor Von Schultz returns from a trip claiming to have found Aladdin's lamp, Superman poses as the Genie, fooling everyone.

    What could Superman's reasons be for perpetrating this hoax? Reprinted in The Best of DC #8.

    3. "Private Pete"

    4. "Superman's Day of Doom!"

    It's Superman's day, and everybody has a present for him, including Bizarro, but as usual it backfires putting Superman's life in danger, however a predictor machine from a far away galaxy claims that his life will be saved by someone with the initials L.L., Who could it be?? Reprinted in Limited Collectors' Edition #38.

    5. "Ollie"

    All stories reprinted in Showcase Presents: Superman #4.


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