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A Bizarro Novel

The thing about Bizarro stories is that you either love them or you hate them - there isn't much middle ground. That alone would cause me to give it the middle rating (two and a half stars) which I tend to give fans-only stories. But even judged in terms of Bizarro stories, this 3 part Superman graphic novel is fairly uneven. Let me explain:
Part 1, The Son of Bizarro! is interesting for what it is - a tale of the Bizarro World where everything is the opposite of Earth. This is a pretty standard Bizarro story (sans Superman), and since it all takes place on Bizarro World, you can't really fault it if something doesn't make sense. This part of the story gets a thumbs up.
But, then we have part 2, The Orphan Bizarro! The trouble with this story is that Superman and Supergirl have to come up with really improbable ways of dealing with the Bizarro Superbaby like baking giant super cakes (why wouldn't a regular cake do?) and making robot people that then destroy themselves for no good reason. Not to mention the story drags Krypto into the plotline, who seems to act more like an untalking Superman with no responsibilities but what the Superman family tells it to do, rather than an animal (and an alien one at that). Pretty much a thumbs down all around on this one.
Part 3, The Bizarro Supergirl!, however, brings the novel to an interesting climax, with an army of Bizarros coming to destroy the Earth and take back the Bizarro Superbaby. This episode does have some pretty contrived ways of solving things, but it's more in the spirit of Part 1 than Part 2. It's a thumbs up.
So with two thumbs up, and one thumbs down, it's three stars for the overall rating. Giving a Superman story this many pages also shows that the Man of Steel's adventures can be more interesting given time - which might make this issue a stepping stone toward the multi-issue story lines of today. So, it's better than average for the early 1960s, and worth a look for any Superman reader, not just Bizarro fans.

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