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A Three Part Superman Novel: The Son of Bizarro

Presenting a thrilling three-part novel starring Superman and Supergirl as they meet an incredible mystery from the Bizarro world!
Bizarro No. 1 and Lois Bizarro No. 1 have a child, the first ever born on Bizarro World, who has super strength like Bizarro No. 1, but he is handsome - a freak by Bizarro standards!

Part I: The Son of Bizarro!

Far off in space is a queer cubical world inhabited by Bizarros, imperfect duplicates of Superman and Lois Lane created from a machine built by Luthor. One day, the original Bizarro, Bizarro No. 1, comes home to find his wife, Bizarro Lois No. 1, has given birth to a son that has super strength, but looks like a perfect human baby - a disgrace to the name of Bizarro!
The original Bizarros try to keep the Bizarro Superbaby a secret, but one day he flies off on his own and learns that he is reviled by the people of Bizarro world. When he sees his own reflection for the first time, he knows why. In an attempt to protect the child, Bizarro No. 1 flies to space where he hides the infant in a hollow metal object. Unfortunately, the object is a rocket, and it whisks Bizarro Superbaby off.   

Part II: The Orphan Bizarro!

Crash landing on Earth, Bizarro Superbaby is taken to Midvale orphanage where Linda Lee (AKA Supergirl) is temporarily put in charge of him. Chasing a butterfly, Bizarro Superbaby, now known as 'Buster', flies to Metropolis where it takes both Supergirl and Superman to catch him.
Superman charges Supergirl with concealing Buster's true nature from the world until he can come up with a plan for the child. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Crandall arrive to adopt Buster. They are in fact robots created by Superman so that he can have Buster relocated to the Fortress of Solitude where he can be safely watched over by Krypto. But Bizarro No. 1 has learned of Buster's whereabouts, and to make matters worse, Supergirl exposes Buster to a lab accident!  

Part III: The Bizarro Supergirl!

While playing in the Fortress of Solitude, Buster activates the Duplicator Ray, creating a Bizarro Supergirl. When Superman returns he realizes that Buster, who now looks like a Bizarro, must be from Bizarro World, and he instructs Bizarro Supergirl to take him home. Bizarro Supergirl, however, has become attached to Buster, and disobeys Superman taking him to a remote location on Earth to raise him herself. Believing Superman created Bizarro Supergirl to be a foster mother to Buster and keep him on Earth, Bizarro declares war, and raises an army of Bizarros to destroy the Earth! 


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A Bizarro Novel 0

The thing about Bizarro stories is that you either love them or you hate them - there isn't much middle ground. That alone would cause me to give it the middle rating (two and a half stars) which I tend to give fans-only stories. But even judged in terms of Bizarro stories, this 3 part Superman graphic novel is fairly uneven. Let me explain:  Part 1, The Son of Bizarro! is interesting for what it is - a tale of the Bizarro World where everything is the opposite of Earth. This is a pretty standar...

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