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Superman is on the run from a villain who knows too much about him. In order to protect the ones closest to him, will the Man of Steel do the unthinkable?

Someone has kept a rag-doll of Superman inside Clark Kent's office drawer, means someone knows who Superman is. Superman knows the danger and goes over to his Kansas farmhouse, informing his parents about the details, and telling them that they all should leave at the earliest. Elsewhere Lana Lang and her husband Pete Ross receive a gift of a Champagne bottle from an anonymous sender.

In Metropolis, Conduit raids Clark's apartment, destroys it and takes Jimmy Olsen with him. He rings up Superman to say that he will go after "his woman". Superman flies back to Metropolis to save Lois, only to realize that Conduit meant Lana as "his woman".

In Lana's house, the champagne bottle suddenly explodes, but the couple are effectively saved by Superman.

Jimmy awakens inside Conduit's hold and they have some hot talks, with Conduit telling that he will be only too happy to show Jimmy, who Clark Kent really is. Superman locates Conduit's warehouse and bursts in. A brief battle ensues. Conduit is almost on the verge of defeat, when he shows Superman what he intends to do with his parents. Superman flies back to his Kansas home just in time to retrieve his parents, and flees.

At the end Superman remarks, "for all intents and purposes, Clark Kent and the whole Kent family is dead from this day on".


  • Newstand cover by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding.
  • Direct sales cover by Dan Jurgens and Joe Rubinstein.
  • Direct sales cover is a partial leaf foil.
  • 48 page issue.
  • Triangle 1995 #18.
  • Chronological continuation from Superman: The Man of Steel #44.
  • Chronological continuation in Adventures of Superman #523.


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Superman, dishonest? 0

I think this is an excellent issue all over. It's definitely sentimentally valuable for being such a round numbered issue, #100. It also deals with the secret identity aspect which is at the center of the spinal chord of the entire Superhero genre. Unless you're part of the Not-So-Fantastic-4, or the X Men? The X Men do try to stay secret, but they don't have dual identities, they do but it's not as relevant. I for one LIKE the dual identity thing. This issue also paints Superman, everybody's he...

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