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Executive Malfunction

This cover's pretty bland. The debris on the wall looks pretty cool, but the wonky perspective is off in the wrong way,and the characters kind of crowd the cover, and the lack of background despite a wall Superman is slammed into? Really weird.

I was really confused at first, Anguish called Superman 'daddy' when she found out who the media was convinced he was, so I thought she was his daughter. But I guess... she was talking about the fact that... actually I don't know. This issue makes it perfectly clear that that's not the case.

Honestly, I'm chalking this issue's failure to executive meddling. The original cover for #9 has 'Anguish' in a more emo outfit, instead of a terrible revealing atrocity. And she was named 'masochist.' But then suddenly she was called 'Anguish' when the issue came out. I really think the executives went back and considered the potential controversy or something, which is really a shame, because as 'Masochist' she's actually a really deep character.

She suffered all sorts of emotionally devastating abuse from her father, and at some point developed the ability to literally feel 'nothing.' But I'm sure she'd gladly take back her ability to feel pain if it meant feeling SOMETHING. This blatant theft had a profit that was certainly a personal treasure with importance to her, but the actual process of the theft was a cry for attention. They could shoot at her all they like, but never hurt her. But it would be SOMETHING.

But no, all of this is ruined by turning her into a more standard villain. Plus, the question is raised, can she really not feel a gentle touch, when she can punch and pick up objects if she so chooses? That doesn't make sense.

Meanwhile, the whole 'secret identity exposed' subplot is fairly entertaining. Jimmy Olson is... well JIMMY OLSON as he fantasizes about Superman living in a secret mansion with a harem. The over-the-top reaction from the media is hilarious, yet also somewhat meaningful. A mere accusation was instantly accepted as truth by the mass 'consciousness' known as 'the media.' And his life was nearly ruined in a matter of hours. Sure, I'm wondering why nobody thought "Well Superman's fighting in Metropolis... and Spence Backer is here in his office...." but whatever.

In Conclusion: 3/5

There's a nice setup for the next issue, but this one was completely ruined by executive meddling. Well, and some plot holes, but they'd be a bit overlookable if the issue was working on the metaphorical levels it was supposed to. And Dan Jurgens' art doesn't mesh well with Jesus Merino's; it makes it look more stiff and awkward.

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