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A rocket ship from the planet Krypton comes to earth carrying an infant. The Infant is found and eventually adopted by Ma (Mary) and Pa Kent and named Clark Kent who grows up to be Superman!

Clark Kent looks to get a job at the Daily Star and is turned down until he phones in a story about Superman stopping a lynching.

Superman convinces Bea Carroll to confess to the murder of Jack Kennedy.

The execution of Evelyn Curry is taking place at the Governor's mansion until Superman breaks in to stop it, Lois is kidnapped by Gangsters no thanks to Clark, and is then rescued by Superman in addition to Superman taking down a corrupt Washington Senator. (This portion was reprinted in this issue from Action Comic #2)

Lois and Clark go on a steamship called Baronta to San Monte in South America to cover an ongoing war that is going on there. Clark and a man named Norvell join the San Monte Army so that Superman can prove the war is being instigated by munition manufacturers. (This portion was also reprinted in this issue from Action Comic #2)

This issue also contains a scientific explanation of Superman's amazing Strength which is attributed to Earth's lighter gravity.

Clark Kent takes an assignment to cover the Blakely Mine which is rumored to have unsafe working conditions. Clark disguises himself as a miner and gets caught and taken to Blakely who is hosting guests for a dinner party. Blakely then moves the party to the mine to prove that it is safe. (This portion was reprinted in this issue from Action Comic #3)

Clark Kent learns that Dale University football coach hired professional thugs to play against Cordell in a big game (because he is trying to save his job). Superman then kidnaps a bench-warmer named Tommy Burke from Cordell and takes his place in the game to help stop the thugs. (This portion was reprinted in this issue from Action Comic #4)

After Superman gets away from Sergeant Blake by changing to Clark Kent, Clark blackmails the detective into allowing him a jailhouse interview with Biff Dugan which leads to Dugan escaping just to have Superman return him to his cell.


  • The cover is homaged by future comics.


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A lot of people don't know that early D.C. comics often had prose stories in them as well as comic ones. The two page prose backup story in Superman #1 is a particularly good one. Let's take a minute and talk about what Superman was like in the 1930s. To begin with, Superman was much less powerful, he couldn't even fly - instead he could leap tall buildings in a single bound. He was also not as goody-two-shoes as the Superman of today. While not as expressly vengeful as The Spectre or Bat...

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