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While Lois interviews Glorious Godfrey, Superman is transported to Apokolips by Darkseid and is shocked by the conditions there.

Full Plot

Lois Lane comes to the Grande Hotel to interview Mr. G. Gordon Godfrey for his campaign against super-heroes. Godfrey’s personal guard is almost thinking Lois is a threat to his master. Godfrey apologizes to Lois, but does not differ from his point when asked about super-heroes. He tells that super-heroes are a menace. The world would have been a better place without them. Personally, he would wipe out all of them if he could.

Elsewhere, Clark is running wildly through the streets. But not without reason. A pair of Omega Beams are following his every move. Clark ducks into the sewers, but does not escape the beams. They hit him and he disappears.

As to where he appears next, Clark is bewildered to see himself standing before Darkseid. Darkseid is disappointed. He had sent forth his Omega Beams to seek out Superman, not Clark. The Phantom Stranger, who too is standing there, prefers to remain silent. He knows who Clark is. Darkseid is furious and hurls Clark out of the window. Kent falls below into the streets of Armagetto. He is immediately attacked by the hunger dogs, who almost strip him of his clothes. Clark changes into Superman and frightens them away. Then he spots Parademons flying overhead. Fearing he might reveal his dual identity, Superman covers himself in rags and ventures outside to mix with the people.

Superman spots people shouting. He sees that some royal guards have taken a woman prisoner for preaching against Darkseid and are about to execute her. Superman breaks into the restricted area and helps the woman to escape. Then he confronts the guards. The guards deploy a Pacifier to deal with Superman. Superman puts up a fight with the pacifier. After a brief struggle, he tears up the armor to reveal a glommer. The glommer jumps at its first chance to take over Superman’s central nervous system. It compels Superman to fly into one of the huge Fire-Pits.

Darkseid watches the whole incident from his tower and lets out a bellowing laugh.


  • Legends crossover Chapter 17.
  • Most New God characters have cameo appearances.
  • The first post-Crisis meeting between Superman and Darkseid.
  • A letter to the editor from T M Maple.
  • The story continues in Adventures of Superman #426.

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