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Come on, Octavius.

Superior Spider-Man really did surprise me. I mean, really? Doc Ock as the “new and improved Spider-Man”? No. But as I kept buying each issue, I realized something. I am sure as hell enjoying reading this new series. As a lifelong Spider-Man fan, I was sure as hell enraged when I heard about all the changes that were to come with Superior Spider-Man but I really have learned to appreciate this wacky story arc. Now on to the sixth issue of The Superior Spider-Man.

Issue number five ended off with Spider-Man shooting Massacre, who went on a few killing streaks before. Yeah, Spidey shot him. With a gun. Now for me, this came as a bit of a surprise and was kind of upset at the beginning when I read this but in actuality, it really isn’t Spider-Man. This is still Doctor Octopus inside Peter’s body. I had mixed feelings about the ending of issue 5 and I also did not appreciate the fact that issue 6 did not go into this event more. Issue 6 begins with Mayor Jameson making a public announcement and soon getting humiliated by Jester and Screwball, two snotty brats who run their own website by humiliating others live. After pulling down Jameson’s pants and smashing a pie in his face, Jameson hires Spider-Man to get on the case. Spidey puts his little “spider-tracers” out in the city to locate the two as he continues with his life as Peter Parker. Later, when Spider-Man confronts Screwball and Jester, they humilate him. Spidey gets enraged and decides to thrash the living juices out of them and this part really hit me. In issue 5, Massacre was a legitimately bad person and some would argue that Spider-Man did the right thing by killing him. Now in this issue, Screwball and Jester are just some no-good pests but Spider-Man still beats them up really badly, near death. This really differentiates Otto Octavius from Peter Parker because even though Octavius has been improving so much of Spidey’s gear, he really is not fit to be a superhero. Peter, still as a ghost, is in shock of this event but can’t do anything about it.

This, in my opinion, was just a decent issue. It was not really building up to anything but just to initially get the point across that Peter and Octavius are extremely different people and therefore have really different ways of handling situations. I will be talking about this a lot in these upcoming comic book reviews for The Superior Spider-Man, but I really am not a fan of Humberto Ramos’ art. I will definitely say the man is extremely talented but I do not think his art style suits this series. After, the much more superior Massacre arc, I kind of felt this issue was a bit weak but it still offered an interesting look into Otto’s mind.


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