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Superior Spider-Man 6

Many believe that Spider-Man is a hero after killing Massacre, however many allies of the Superior Spider-Man think that he has changed greatly. Plus, what happens when harmless cyber hackers/pranksters, Jester and Screwball, cross Spider-Man's path?

The Good

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Last story arc, involving Massacre, was really good. It allowed Dan Slott to open new doors for Spider-Man's character development. Having the web-head kill Massacre is a major change in Spider-Man's character and already we see his allies are concerned in this issue.

Dan Slott does a great job with adding the Avengers in this issue. They had a brief appearance, but it was meaningful. They discussed whether or not to cut Spider-Man loose from the team, however Wolverine exclaimed that everyone on the team has killed one or two bad guys in their time. That was good to see how Slott worked the Avengers in without them feeling forced and making Wolverine (of all people) the one voice of reason.

This issue is really action packed and funny, due to the fact that pranksters [Jester and Screwball] were involved in this issue. Dan Slott did a good job at putting control on Spider-Man as if he killed a villain in ever issue, or story arc, then by the time this series reached 20, Spider-Man would've cleaned out a majority of his rogues gallery. So having Spider-Man, pummel, and not kill Jester and Screwball is better than seeing him kill them. Solely because it would get annoying to see him kill someone every issue.

The artwork by Humberto Ramos is awesome! I've always enjoyed Ramos' pencils and he really knows how to capture the design of Spider-Man, because he seems to be the only artist that draws that weird ninja footie that the Superior Spider-Man has. That is one reason I respect his work.

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

The Avengers are coming for the Superior Spider-Man! With pummeling Screwball and Jester, the Avengers are not too happy with Spider-Man's new character. This issue is really great for anyone that wants to jump on this series, every two issues in this series is the perfect time to jump on this series. Dan Slott really does a great job at putting a limit of who Spider-Man kills and doesn't kill and Humberto Ramos' art is still A++ stuff. Overall 5 out of 5.

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