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Evil Spider-Man Strikes again

After the events in Superior Spider-Man #5 you would think Otto would tone it down a bit but that’s not the case. After Amazing Spider-Man #700 I thought for sure Otto would meet Peter somewhere in the middle but as the story progresses he is becoming darker and darker.

In this issue Spidey decides to avenge Jameson after Screwball and Jester completely embarrass him all over the internet by pancing him during a news conference. At first Spidey doesn’t take the threat to seriously but after he realizes Jameson was bullied he decides to send one of the Spidey bots out on the case.

While his bots did the searching he met up with Anna Maria Marconi (Whats with this name) so that she could help him make amends with his professor Don “ The Schnoz” Lemaze. Along the way Doc Ock notices that Anna is being bullied and let’s just say her tormenters learned that Doc Ock has a real hard on for bullies. As much as Doc Ock was enjoying his conversation with Schnoz and Anna Maria he had to abruptly leave their meeting because the spider bots found Jester and Screwball.

Jester and Screwball are essentially two low life criminals that do not deserve Spider-Man’s time or effort but when they try to make a fool out of him it definitely turns out pretty bad for them. For a while Doc Ock kept his secret under wraps but due to his latest actions even the Avengers are starting to notice that our neighborhood wall crawler just isn’t the same anymore.

The Good

As usual Dan Slott brought the witty writing we have grown accustomed to. I mean everywhere I turned there seem to be some sort of gag slid in that I couldn’t help to laugh about. I really loved how Dan Slott took us more into the head of Doc Ock and showed us why he hated bullies so much. What I also enjoyed about this issue and the series in general is how Superior Spider-Man is slowly but surely going over the deep end within every issue.

The pencils by Humberto Ramos aren’t anything to glance over either because he does an amazing job depicting how creepy Superior has become. My favorite panel had to have been at the end of the issue when Spidey is slashing the living crap out of Jester and Screwball. All you could see are Spidey’s eyes just going white while he slashed away….kind of reminded me of the end of God OF WAR 3.

The Bad

I feel like Superior Spider-Man’s latest actions are contradicting everything he said he would become in ASM 700. I thought Doc Ock was turning over a new leaf but as the story goes on it seems that he is just developing into a super villain in hero’s clothing. I worry that this story will end prematurely because were only in issue 6 and this series is bi-weekly and Spidey is going around slicing people?!


A friend of mine argued that Dan Slott maybe the best Spider-Man writer of the modern age and I don’t know if I can argue that because he is taking this character to new heights. While people screamed and yelled at the end of ASM I think it’s fair to say he has made up for that and then some.

4 out of 5 – Superior Spider-Man are easily my favorite series on Marvel Now!

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