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Big Spider On Campus

There's something a little off about the series lately. It lacks the charm of new-ness Slott brought to Amazing Spider-Man. Each story is about Ock dealing with some leftovers from ASM in his new more violent way. It's pretty obvious where this arc is going, and it's a little disappointingly generic. And I'm not all that impressed with Massacre as a villain. He's a sociopath, ok, and he's a very medical version, specifically detached from human emotions and morality due to brain damage, but how is he such a big threat? He has no powers as far as I can tell, and he doesn't seem to be a grand genius or anything. He's just a crazy dude with guns. His escape from the asylum seems a tad bit bogus.

Guiseppe Camuncoli's artwork seemed a bit off when he was on ASM, and it's not that it's suddenly a better fit, but his style seems to have changed a bit to fit a lot more. I think Camuncoli might be my favorite artist on Superior Spider-Man if it's going to keep rotating like ASM did in Slott's biweekly days. Part of it is the attitude, yes, but it's gotten cleaner and sleeker and overall I love it.

What works in this issue is the developments in Ock-Parker's normal life. The realization that Peter never got is Doctorate was priceless, but I'm worried Ock might screw up his employment which would be a huge bummer. There's a lot of comedy all around from a variety of sources, and it helps keep this series feeling like 'Spider-Man' even if it is Doc Ock under the face behind the mask.

In Conclusion: 4/5

It's a little generic, and I'm not sold on the villain, but Ock-Parker is making his first major strides in improving the non-Spider-Man part of Peter's life, continuing his quest for superior domination of his foe as a hero and a human being (in terms of productivity not necessarily morality).

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