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Not a big fan of the ending

As nice as it is to have Peter Parker back, I still have a problem with the ending. I don't have any sympathy for Otto and felt that he should've had more punishment. After all, he killed an innocent man and stole his body and life...TWICE! Let's not forget how he also ruined Peter's relationships and felt little to no remorse throughout the series. My biggest problem is Mary Jane leaving because "she can't handle Peter's superhero lifestyle". We've dealt with this so many times before and it's just another way to keep their romance a "will they, won't they" situation. As great as it is to have Peter back, this ending could've been so much more satisfying and overall better.

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    It ended, so, who cares? 0

    Plot Pete's back in his own body.He rushes to stop the Green Goblin.He and Miguel O'Hara stumble across each other.They save some people together.Then they go to Alchemax.Peter fights Norman,beats him,and "cures" him of the Goblin-serum he had in his blood.And a side story explaining how MJ,Carlie and JJ behave after the end of Goblin Nation.Thoughts Again,for the third issue the story is provided by Dan Slott and the acual script(dialog) is written by Chris Gage.In the previous 2 issues i foun...

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    An inferior conclusion to a Superior title. 0

    The GoodI have loved so much of what Dan Slott has done during his run on Spider-Man, both Amazing and Superior. When this idea of having Doc Ock take over first came to my attention I was fully on board. I love the way Dan writes Peter and all the supporting cast. I love the quips and the one liners and the humour that everyone has during these escapades. The stories that he hints at and then comes back to are great. During his Superior run, there were some really great moments. FOR CRYING OUT...

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