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It ended, so, who cares?


Pete's back in his own body.He rushes to stop the Green Goblin.He and Miguel O'Hara stumble across each other.They save some people together.Then they go to Alchemax.Peter fights Norman,beats him,and "cures" him of the Goblin-serum he had in his blood.
And a side story explaining how MJ,Carlie and JJ behave after the end of Goblin Nation.


Again,for the third issue the story is provided by Dan Slott and the acual script(dialog) is written by Chris Gage.
In the previous 2 issues i found Gage's writing very good and enjoyable,thus the high expectations,for the grand finale.Well,no.This was poorly written and dissapointing,for a "courtain" issue....
The dialog is mediocre,and anything but not impressive.But the issue itself had some plotholes that were "covered" very hastily.

Suddenly everyone realises that Peter was behaving inappropriately all this time......holy crap on a cracker......
People are distant,and trying to comprehend the fact that he was not himself.They're late for about 20 issues to do that.
They made a Venom issue 2-sized,but this ,the FINAL issue of the seires,where many stuff must be resolved,they kept it 20 pages long.Brilliant......
And it suffered from that,of cource.Too much info in not much "space".

These stuff are tolerable.Now some issues that made me mad.

Norman Osborn the Green Goblin : He was the Goblin,as it should be.BUT he changed his face,so he can be Mr.Banks from Alchemax.His excuse was that "Everyone knows Norman Osborn's face,and that would draw an eye on the situation" .......REALLY!????.......Norman Osborn is ALL about DRAWING EYES ON THE SITUATION!!!.....if he does something,he demands(!!) that people know that it was him!.....he's an egotistic pretencious egomatiac!!....that's the characters' main feature!!.....he proclaimed himself the Goblin KING,for Christ's sake!!
Anyway,i found that being compeletelly out of character.
Mary Jane Watson-Parker : My complain isn't about her saying to Peter that she doesn't want to be in his life anymore,in fact i say yay to that,and it's about time girl.It's called Logical pregression,and human characterization.Okay.
My complain is that Peter said that Ock took over his body for some months,and that he wasn't in control of what he was doing......and her response?..."Ok,Peter i believe you,it's something that happens to you every day." .......what?......hit me,till i don't respond to my name anymore......Well now THIS is called "stupid writing" ...it's a term we used numerous times during this series,but that momment tops everything.....She didn't even look at him weirdly.Seriously.She just accepted it......Peter was stupid,she WAS the perfect wife.You could cheat on her with anyone,and just say the most ridiculous story you could come up with,and she would just nod and go make you a sandwich.......oh God....
Miguel : Same goes to O'Hara,but 'kay,he at least responded sarcastically,i can dig the madness of the momment.
Peter : AGAIN,at the end of the issue he blames himself for RETURNING,because Otto loved Anna and Anna loved Otto.......HE.STOLE.YOUR.LIFE YOU IDIOT!!!......you had/have loved ones too,you know!.....he stole you life as Peter Parker,and made it an utter mess!!....and now you're blaming yourself for returning!?.....come on!.....
I know you'll tell me "Parker guilt" and that he blames himself,because it's raining outside,and you'll be right,but we're talking him having second thoughts about coming back to HIS body that Otto,an egotistic maniac stole and led a life with!!......that's just stupid.

Now,the good.
I liked the art,although May looked like a sceleton,and MJ looked lke a wax statue all the time,i dug both Spider-Man,and Goblin.
Anna didn't die.I like the character.Her living opens different passages of stories.
Norman is OUT of his madness,and will return sane,and with a plan.That probably was the best thing in the issue.
He is probably an Avenger again.......i don't know......but it seemes that way....(?)
He has it good with Miguel.


Now that Goblin Nation is over,and Amazing is starting again,i wanted to express my overall feeling about Superior.
The ride began to be fun,when i fumed down from my anger.(i was mad about Peter dying)
After i got that it was a story,and that Peter would eventually come back,i wanted to enjoy it at least,so i did.The issues after 16 was pure fun and excitement.Otto talks funny,the 2099 story was very good,the Venom story was okay,the Goblin build up was good.
Goblin Nation was dissapointing as to what i expected.I wanted an epic,concidering this was building up since issue 3.THIS story being "okay",and only one issue being trully good,is not enough at all.Plus a dissapoining end,as you can see above.

Anyways,long live Peter Parker,and glad to have you back,brother.....let's see the sh!t you'll have to put up with,now....

Image Notes

Goblin King??......more like .....LION KING!!!!!!......Jesus,i am awful.
Goblin King??......more like .....LION KING!!!!!!......Jesus,i am awful.
Oh,NOW you noticed?!......you're late for about 25 issues....
Oh,NOW you noticed?!......you're late for about 25 issues....

Third person speech....great.
Third person speech....great.
She's dehydrated or something?......anyway,this is scary.
She's dehydrated or something?......anyway,this is scary.


You see a guy in a certain Spider-Man costume.OF COURCE IT'S O'HARA FROM 2099!!.....your question can't be
You see a guy in a certain Spider-Man costume.OF COURCE IT'S O'HARA FROM 2099!!.....your question can't be "Who are you ,and what are you doing in this costume?" NO!!.....it's Miggy 100%!! ......

This is preety funny.Because it really seemed like that....
This is preety funny.Because it really seemed like that....

This is an interesting story potential....
This is an interesting story potential....

Best momment in the arc.
Best momment in the arc.

Gwen reference.Never gets old.
Gwen reference.Never gets old.
Honey you are a loser.Just....please dont try......just making it worse.
Honey you are a loser.Just....please dont try......just making it worse.

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