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An inferior conclusion to a Superior title.

The Good

I have loved so much of what Dan Slott has done during his run on Spider-Man, both Amazing and Superior. When this idea of having Doc Ock take over first came to my attention I was fully on board. I love the way Dan writes Peter and all the supporting cast. I love the quips and the one liners and the humour that everyone has during these escapades. The stories that he hints at and then comes back to are great. During his Superior run, there were some really great moments. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD HE BROUGHT SPIDER-MAN 2099 TO THE PRESENT. Hell yeah.

So in this issue, the writing is still solid but I felt a little let down. The way he crafted the story of Goblin Nation was really solid. Really good rising action and really good character moments from everyone especially J Jonah Jameson. Slott still writes his characters really well. They feel really real to me when I read them.

The art is always great. Nothing at all to complain about there. Slott works with some of the best artists Marvel has to offer and they always hit it out of the park. No complaints there at all.

The Bad

There will be a few complaints here, however. I was so excited for this arc. Green Goblin is one of my favourite villains and was stoked that he was going to have a huge story involving him at the end of Superior. But, I was really let down. There was so much build up and such a little fizzle at the end. COME ON HE GOT AWAY AGAIN!! That drove me nuts. How the crap does that happen. There wasn't even a fight. All the resolution that came, came from dialogue. He didn't even punch the Green Goblin. What the heck? I expected better at the conclusion of such a great story but all I got was regular Spider-Man bad luck and threads that will lead into Amazing.

The Verdict

Of all the joy that Superior Spider-Man has brought me, this issue was by far my least favourite. I was expecting such a grand finale and I got was just another issue that really had no conclusion. Sure, almost very character is "moving on" or "going to change my life" but what do I really care if Peter's ex's are making plans to get out of harms way? I really don't. The most interesting resolution was probably J. Jonah Jameson. With Miguel sticking around too that is one more great book to pick up in the summer so I guess I will still thank Slott for that.

This is must read for Spider fans because it definitely leads threads for Amazing and Spider-Man 2099, but it was not as superior as it could have been.

Slott I am still behind you. I'll keep giving you my money to read great Spider-Man adventures. Just please let Peter punch Green Goblin hard in the face next time. Thank you.


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