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“Goblin Nation” - Part 4 of 5

Since the start of DYING WISH, it has ALL been building to this.

One of the most important moments of the ENTIRE Superior Spider-Man Saga!

Once this happens, it CANNOT be undone!



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My Turn. 0

Plot Spidey-Ock ditches Migues and goes to find Anna Maria.Miguel understands,that something's off and says "This is something the real Spider-Man would never do!" which is an odd statement to shout out loud.....Anyways,Spider-Ock is headed to "somewhere" to save Anna and realises he has no allies left,a destroyed city,a lot of people dead,probably, and general chaos as a status....He comes to the conclussion that he failed.Then Menace arrives and tells him to follow her,into the subway.He does...

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My review for, Superior Spider-Man #29. The city is on fire, people are dying, and The Superior Spider-Man (a.k.a. Spock) can't do anything about it. Well, almost anything!Time for a [Amazing] comeback. The GoodSimilar after all! But right now, we need a [true] Superior Spider-Man! (It's Parker if you were wondering.)In this issue, CHAOS! Well, more CHAOS! (Cause if you've been following this story arc, you know that chaos has loomed all throughout this final story arc!) Writer Dan Slott continu...

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As we reach the Penultimate issue, Otto makes a huge decision. 0

This review contains Spoilers GoodTruly great work can makes you feel something. Well the hard work of Slott and Camuncoli really pay off here. The emotions I felt when reading this book were incredible. My heart pounded with excitement, I felt sympathy for a character I previously hated and finally I was left with a feeling on melancholy contentment that I really hadn’t expected. This issue was incredible!Slott shows in this issue how “The Superior Spider-Man” has failed. ...

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