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Superior Spider-Man 3

The Superior Spider-Man is on the trail of the Vulture! With events that have recently transpired in Spider-Man's life, does Carlie Cooper know Spider-Man's new identity?


The Good

Dan Slott is doing a good job with this series. While I do not 100% agree with his choice to "kill off" Peter Parker, only to replace him with "Ock-Parker", SUPERIOR Spider-Man has allowed writers [like Slott[ to look at the character in a new light. Speaking of "light" one of the highlights of this issue was Dan Slott's reference to a certain superhero object:

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Glad no costumed hero uses a "signal" because that would just be "batty". Anyway, Dan Slott did a good job at alluding to another fan favorite hero and really drawing some humor in the conversation between J.J. Jameson and Spider-Man. Let's move on...

Dan Slott does a great job with this issue because he focuses on Ock's character. Slott is showing the reader that Ock [in a way] is somewhat worthy of the Spider-Man mantle. His battle with Vulture and finding out that his minions were children was proof that Doc Ock might be many things, but he would never use children to carry out his plans [shown that Ock came from an abusive home]. Dan Slott really turns the reader's [and mine] opinion about Ock in this issue. From this 3rd issue, I am really looking forward to see what else Dan Slott has in store for Ock and Spider-Man.

Carlie thinks that she knows that Ock is in control of Spider-Man's body. Slott pulled this off well as now he is building anticipation for the big confrontation between the two characters. And with Ock not sharing all of Parker's morals this could lead to Cooper's death. Whatever the outcome is, Slott did a good job at setting the stage for issues to come.

There is nothing more that can really be said about artist Ryan Stegman and colorist Edgar Delgado that has not already been said. They continue to pull off flawless interpretations of the characters and they capture every page turning moment in this issue. THEY ARE EPIC!

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

SUPERIOR Spider-Man is a must have series, solely because of Dan Slott's new take on a classic character. There's action, Spider-Man's character being redeveloped, and an amazing story. The art by Ryan Stegman and the colors by Edgar Delgado make this a page turner as the writing of Slott becomes real with the art team's work. Best thing for new readers wanting to jump onto this series is to start reading at issue 1 as it will answer a lot of questions. Other than that, marvelous issue [5 out of 5] until the next review...

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