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More destruction and pain, thanks to The Green Goblin!

My review for, Superior Spider-Man #28. Green Goblin has destroyed Spider-Island, is rampaging through the city with his army, and wants to cause Otto some pain, all with the ultimate goal to finally kill Spider-Man. THIS is the makings of an outstanding issue!

The Good

Green Goblin wants to break Otto, I think this counts as a mission accomplished. BOOM!
Green Goblin wants to break Otto, I think this counts as a mission accomplished. BOOM!

So in this issue, writer Dan Slott heats up the Goblin Nation story arc, and begins to test Spock's worth as a hero, and, a villain. Because the Green Goblin is looking to destroy both aspects of Spock! What I really enjoyed about this issue was, Dan Slott building on what he already established in prior issues! The momentum that Slott has created for this, 29th, issue can only be credited to Dan Slott's abilities as a writer and how he perfectly used each issue of the Goblin Nation story arc, so far, to feel like everything in Spock's life is at stake here, which it is! Spock might be the, "Superior Spider-Man", but he hasn't quite faced a villain like, the Green Goblin. Goblin is a superior threat that has been one-step-ahead, thus far. And I like how Slott is slowly making Spock realize this fact. That no matter what Spock does (even tap into his old villain mentality), the Green Goblin will turn it into something that aids him, and his army. Proving that, Green Goblin is in control of every outcome!

Plus, if anything, Spock is really starting to learn what it means to be a hero. Especially, with the death of Lamaze.

Better late than never I guess, right Spock?
Better late than never I guess, right Spock?

Lamaze's life-and-death held no weight in the series whatsoever, but this small scene between Spock and Lamaze, definitely showed Spock what it means to be a hero. So it was good, for once, to see Spock actually actlike the original Spider-Man. And even the Spock haters got to admit, it was pretty freaking awesome! So amazing job on Dan Slott's job as a writer; and thanks to the art team for pulling off this really cool scene!

The Bad

No complaints, I am happy with how this issue turned out!

The Verdict

5 out of 5. Next review, Superior Spider-Man #30.

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