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Superior Spider-Man #26

The Good

First off Dan Slott is the man. He has written so much good Spider-Man stuff over the years. He really knows how to write the character. I feel like he gets the supporting cast too and enjoys the work he does. This story of Goblin Nation has been building for a long time and now its finally starting to take off. I am so excited for this arc!

The art actually really interests me. They split the art up between three people and for me it works. Ramos handles the art involving the Goblin fight, which is unreal! And Rodriguez and Martin handle the other parts involving Spidey and the Avengers. Usually in a story where this happens it messes with me but here i thought it worked because each part their own separate feel and flow. Ramos draws amazing Goblins!

Peter is starting to make a come-back. This is a pop can that Slott just keeps shaking, building up that pressure!

The Bad

WHO THE HECK IS THE GREEN GOBLIN! That really is the only bad. Who is under that mask? I am so excited to find out.

The Verdict

Superior Spider-Man continues to be a book that I read and reread every time it hits the shelves. Since it is almost on its last leg I urge everyone to check it out. Goblin Nation is going to be unreal!

This issue is a good appetizer for the main course that is to come once 27 hits and it won't slow down until April.

I love Spider-Man. I love Slott writing him. This is great.


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