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    The fall of Shadow land.

    Allot happened in this issue form the début of the new costume and the fall of shadow land, we also see that spider man now has an army, which is all huge developments but was the actual issue any good?

    the good

    I am a real fan of the new spider-man costume which first appears in this issue and seeing it in action as spider-man taking out hand ninjas was very nice to see, all of the costume just screams out awesome so I had to give a few points for the costume.

    It was nice to see that Shadow land, Fisk and Hobgoblin had not been forgotten and that we would finally see a conclusion to that story and finally a full recovery form that Daredevil story.

    I thought that the ending of the book was very interesting and enjoyable, and it sets up a story that I will defiantly enjoy.

    the bad

    Huberto Ramos' art is just not for me I find it dull and boring and he makes the wrong parts on bodes to big, ie. a hand, he also just can't draw the layouts with lot's of people in it, so the issues battles just didn't work.

    I just felt that the hole issue happend to fast the battle and the escape form fisk, I did not enjoy the time in this issue. It also felt rushed with Otto sending an army of huge robots down the street in the middle of New York and then the Battle finishing in a matter of pages.


    The costume redeemed the issue but the art and timing let it down.

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