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Move over Amazing, Superior Spider-Man is stealing your fans!

Month after Month Dan Slott reminds us why he is the best modern Spider-Man writer. Superior Spider-Man is an excellent ride that constantly entertains. As you all know Superior Spider-Man is less about going building to building and more about making real lasting changes to the criminal landscape in New York. Superior has been going around stopping criminals with all of his strength with ferocity we would have never seen from the Amazing Spidey. One criminal in particular met a very gruesome end. After the events of Superior 13 in which Jameson practically gave Spidey an island and soldiers to command I knew something big was coming.

Superior Spidey wasted no time and went at the heart of NYC criminal underground and attacked the king pin in his very own home. Usually that would have been suicide but he came to the king pin with guns blazing and giant spidey robots. He also had spider arms attached to his back. Which were pretty similar to Doc Ock’s robotic arms. While the citizens of Hells kitchen were rejoicing for spideys herorism , King Pin was on the run. Spidey has the bad guys on the run because of his fearsome aggressiveness but when you cut off one head two more grow. Spidey has been cutting down several heads leaving a huge power vacuum in NYC. With all the major villains put down except for one Spidey has created a new King Pin that is just as smart and strong as he is.

Is Doc Ock so cocky that he doesn’t see what he has done? I guess we’re going to have to find out and see.

I absolutely loved this issue. It was seriously awesome watching Spider-Man walk through the streets with his soldiers taking out King Pin’s goons left and right. His death commands were a bit aggressive but it only showed me how different Superior is. I also loved seeing Superior blackmail Jameson. The poor mayor of NYC is being pulled to do things he would never do but because of certain little video he is stuck.

Dan Slott you’re a king when it comes to writing Spidey…

5 out of 5 – Move over Amazing, Superior Spider-Man is stealing your fans!

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