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The death of Smythe leads to a brand new age, a Superior Spider-Man age!

My review for Superior Spider-Man #12. It's a battle to the death inside the super prison known as, The Raft; Spider-Man vs. The Spider Slayer (a.k.a. Smythe!)

The Good

The start of greatness!
The start of greatness!

In this issue, Spider-Man vs. The Spider Slayer meets its conclusion! Trapped inside the Raft, The Superior Spider-Man knows that Smythe won't return to his cell nice and quietly; so the only thing to do is to end him, permanently! The Superior Spider-Man doesn't make a habit of killing off his adversaries, but Smythe will just have to be another exception! Writer Dan Slott really sets things up for the Superior Spider-Man, as this propels the character into an age of [superior] change!

Take that, Jameson!
Take that, Jameson!

I really enjoy what Dan Slott is doing with Spock (a.k.a. The Superior Spider-Man; Spider-Ock), in making the character feel totally different from The Amazing Spider-Man. This issue proves that point! It's Ock's mind, all with Spider-Man's moral devotion to protecting the innocent. And to make Spock, feel,like he's his own character, Dan Slott has to create opportunities to show that he won'tbe like The Amazing Spider-Man. That's what I greatly enjoy from this series, and this issue. How Slott makes Spock access the situation, and determine the best course of action that will be beneficial, not only for the citizens of New York, but also himself. A good example is with the state of the Raft, at the end of this issue. It was totally destroyed with the battle against Spider-Man and The Spider Slayer(s), and obviously useless. I liked how Spock saw the opportunity to have his own base of operations, and used Mayor J. Jonah Jameson to get it. Spock's statement to Jameson that he, "Owns him.", was a total Ock move, but 100% true; because he knew that Jameson was trying to flip the roll, and basically get Spock on the paycheck. Simple gestures, or tweaks in Spider-Man's character, makes the Superior Spider-Man look nothing like the Amazing. Which is alright with me!

The Bad

No complaints, great issue!

The Verdict

Write your stories and complain all you want!
Write your stories and complain all you want!

If you have followed The Superior Spider-Man for any amount of time, you already know he's not Peter Parker. And if you are hoping that Spock will change his ways to become "Amazing", know that is not happening with this issue. Dan Slott does an excellent job at stretching Spider-Man's character, and actually making him hated by fans! But know, Slott isn't doing it on purpose, he's just showing that Spider-Man has different levels of growth that can be achieved! This was an excellent issue, and the artwork was awesome! 5 out of 5! Next review, Superior Spider-Man #14

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