twofacedjoker's Superior Spider-Man #13 - No Escape Part Three: The Slayers & The Slain review

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How Far Will They Go?

With orders to outright kill the Spider Slayer, we dive into a story brimming with potential. Does it live up to said hype? ... Not exactly, but it does do a moderately good job as a whole.

For a story with a lot going on, it still doesn't feel like too much happens by the end of it. There's some unnecessary reminiscing of Doc Ock's past (something that happens a little too often), some fights that don't really happen, and an overall lack of meat at the end. And the last encounter with Spider Slayer, though interesting, is nothing amazing or fantastic, ending up feeling less than extraordinary. And, though the ending holds a big impact for how the series will continue, it's nothing overall game-changing. It all just feels a bit less than impressive.

And I think that part of that was because there are too many villains here with little investment in the story. Though last issue they held something of an impact, here they just feel like a nuisance, endangering people who I generally aren't interested in.

But, luckily, this plot line is over, which opens the way for some more interesting stories on the horizon.

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