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I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this one.....I was already suffering from PTSD about Peter Parker's death. He's been one of my favorite super heroes since I was 2 and it killed me inside to see him die. The start of this issue was just mind boggling to me. Seeing Otto Octavius in Peter's body was so so strange and it was impossible for me to digest what I was reading. I also found it really annoying that Otto(while in Peter's body) was acting completely eccentric and stereotypically evil like he always was as Doc Ock, and absolutely no one realizes or suspects that Peter is acting completely unlike himself. It was really embarrassing to see these characters be so oblivious to Peter(Otto)'s strange behavior and it really made me doubt their intelligence. This new Spider-man uses his mind a lot which is not a new concept, considering that's what Peter was doing as Spider-man by building all those different suits and gadgets before he was killed off. This new Spider-man also is more violent and dark which is also again, not a new concept. It really starts to bug me that the success of dark heroes is starting influence characters that aren't meant to be dark. Otto all of a sudden wanting to get in bed with Mary Jane is even more nerving as I was reading it thinking this idea of Otto in Peter's body would go on for a while. It was only at the end when Doc Ock/Spider-man is beating the crap out of Captain Boomerang that I realized how wrong I was. Peter's ghost suddenly makes an appearance, stops Doc Ock from killing him and promises that he will return. I'm imagining this is Dan Slott's way of keeping readers who love Peter Parker interested in this new series but to me, it just makes this concept more pointless if they're already making plans for Peter to come back. This idea of a Spider-man with all the power and none of the responsibility already exists with Scarlet Spider which is a really good series and I'm glad it wasn't canceled. In conclusion, I found this issue to be just set up for a series that will continue for I don't know how long but it's just depressing. I don't dislike it because I'm a Peter Parker purist, I think this concept could work if done right. I just don't think it has been done right. In all honesty, I might read the next issue but if it's the same thing then I probably may have to drop this series.

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