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Superior Spider-Man 1

There's a new Spider-Man in town and he does not play by all the rules that Peter Parker once established. With the end of an AMAZING Spider-Man and the beginning of a SUPERIOR one, will this new Spider-Man stay true to the original's moral code?

The Good


Ock-Parker is not entirely bad. While it does take some getting used to, having Ock in Peter Parker's body is an interesting turn. When Dan Slott killed off Peter Parker's mind in Amazing Spider-Man 700, it allowed writers to look at Spider-Man in a whole new light.

And boy does Dan Slott create a new and interesting story with SUPERIOR Spider-Man. Ock is the exact opposite of Peter Parker: He's not funny, subtle, nor cares for the hero code of ethics. Slott does a superior job with this issue because he writes this series from the perspective that this [Superior Spider-Man] character is brand new. However, he adds Doc Ock's "I'm more superior than you..." attitude and implements it to a character the world has come to know and love. Ultimately making Spider-Man sound [and act] like a total jerk [there's another word, but it let's stay with "jerk"]. A good example is below:

We all know Peter Parker is not that type of person
We all know Peter Parker is not that type of person

Dan Slott fully embraces the chance to reinvent Spider-Man/Peter Parker's character and ultimately pulls off a near flawless comic book.

The artwork by Ryan Stegman and the colors by Edgar Delgado were perfect. With Stegman on this series as artist it makes this series even more entertaining as he did a terrific job on the artwork for Scarlet Spider-Man. The colors by Delgado were flawless as everything really blended well with Ryan Stegman's art.

The Bad

While I enjoyed this first issue, the ending was a let down. It turns out that the original Peter Parker is still mentally alive and is working to get full control of his body. This being only issue 1, I do not know what Slott has planned and if this will eventually occur by the end of the year. This review would have gotten 5 stars if it was not for the ending.

The Verdict

Though the ending was a little disappointing, I believe that the issues to come are going to continue to have: action, outstanding story, and great art. The creative team behind this first issue made a great first impression on bringing an all-new type of Spider-Man for new and old readers alike. Expect a review for every issue!

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