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Serious, Tactical and Brutal

It is pretty evident that the Spider-Man we see here is quite different although tends to maintain similar behavioral patterns as that of Peter Parker. The "different" is seen when he gives it back as good to the boomerang during a fight or just gets on an offensive mode and kicks beetle's butt during the heist of the sinister six. The similar behavior is when he jumps to prevent a policeman being hit by the boomerang's weapon. This is probably Peter's "brain patterns" at work. It could be an intentional event to show that Peter is there somewhere.

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We can clearly see that the new Peter Parker is a more serious scientist-geek kinda guy now. He is no longer that playful fun loving teenager that we are very so much used to. He can get angry like an older man. Its clear that Otto has accepted Peter's life fully and is fully involved in the super-hero job trying to fight villains. He however proves as a more intelligent and tactical spider-man than the predecessor.

He finds Mary Jane attractive - But not the same way Peter used to find her!

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The costume has some minor changes and some added functions which is welcome. Spider-man's dialogues are bit serious and gritty.

Overall this was a great read and has all the elements towards building a great story arc! I give it a 4.


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