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here we go...

as we saw in Amazing Spider-Man issue 700 (spoiler) Doc Ock is now inhabiting Pete's body and will do 'good' in it.'


The new spider-man kicks...AYSSSSS. yea ayss. he uses extra strength that Pete always held back and i like that. but are they actually good? well now he can make sharp claws from his fingers which is pretty fricking amazing. also he's using his brain for a better use, and actually beating the villains, with barely touching them. that shows that Ock is pretty 'superior' to Amazing. it also does a really good intro to the series. i love the new costume as well. i always wanted all the blue parts to be black, and now it finally is. it's great.


i'm sorry i want Pete back. also i don't like the whole: 'MAKE EVERYTHING DARK AND GRITTY' fame that started with TDK. also Doc is a perv....i'll let you find out what this means yourself


worth buying. some of the stuff just bothers me.



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