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When I read Amazing Spider-Man 700 I said it was going to be my last Spider-Man comic until Peter comes back. I gave my reasons as to why and left on a good note.

When I went to the comic store today one of the owners was really recommending this hard. The owner is someone who hasn't read Spider-Man in a while and loved this. I read a lot of the same books the owner did, so that piqued my interest. Also the fact they were willing to give anyone their money back if they didn't like it.

Well I wouldn't say I didn't like it....I'll say I HATED it.

We see Doc Ock running the show. He is doing great things at Horizon, he is (disgustingly) painting the town red with Mary Jane, and bashing the heck out of a bunch of D-listers (E-listers?) who took up the name The Sinister Six.

Doc goes on a date with Mary Jane, and stares at her chest all night. He goes about a more scientific approach to handling the villains. He is rude to his co-workers and is not likable in any stretch of the imagination.

Then we have the ending. I thought the ending was set up and explained in Amazing Spider-Man 700. They merged two minds into one right? Maybe I read that wrong. But I wasn't shocked by the ending, I was under the impression it was known. Marvel's "way out".

But will Peter be damaged too much when he comes back? This Peter Parker is a jerk. He is going to come back, but will we still see him as a likable guy? Will we be able to look past the Doc Ock version?

Dan Slott has stated that he wants Mary Jane and Superior Spider-Man to be in a relationship. If Doc Ock as Peter sleeps with her, that is rape. No if ands or butts, that's rape. Personally I don't want to read that. Sure it was funny when Peter had to relive Otto and May having relations before her wedding, but he wasn't actually doing the action. It was like he accidentally saw a sex tape. But with Otto in Peters body, it's completely different, and appalling.

This version of Spider-Man is unlikable, has no redeeming qualities, and when they reset it too much damage might be done.

I said I wouldn't return it to the store, because that seems like a crappy move for my part. No one forced me to buy this, I did it on my own. I went against my own stance. However, if they ask I might seriously take them up on the offer. This has replaced Iron Man as my personal least favorite Marvel Now book.

If you liked it, I am very glad you did. For as long as this lasts, I hope you enjoy it, and I wish Dan Slott all the success in the world. The book is not for me, and this are my opinions only.

If you are kind of "meh" on this and want a darker anti-hero Spider-Man, check out Scarlet Spider. It also came out this week.

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